Fabric dyeing and finishing technologies and universal devices

Release date: 2018-04-23 14:31:30

Most of the printing and finishing equipment consists of many common unit or universal devices. It is necessary to develop and improve a variety of rolling mills, washing, steaming and drying units and general equipment.
The research and development and production of printing and dyeing companies'' wastewater, waste gas treatment and recycling processes and equipment, dyes, auxiliaries recycling process and equipment, is an important task of energy conservation, consumption reduction, emission reduction and environmental protection issues, and there are Broad market.
The printing and dyeing and finishing technologies of fabrics involve various aspects of fabric variety, technology, dyes, auxiliaries, equipment, public gas, water, and corporate management. Equipment is an important part of this, and the level of improvement must be coordinated.
Fiber production, fiber processing and yarn, fabric printing and finishing machinery products In addition to the main structural components of the machine itself, there are a number of large, repetitive, dedicated or general-purpose host performance effects that can become relatively independent products. The larger tradition is called universal devices, parts and textile equipment parts. All of these can be collectively referred to as special components for textile machinery.
There are many kinds of special parts for textile machinery, and they have a wide range, but they are all special or common parts and components that are indispensable for textile machinery. Some are special items, others are textile equipment. Similar to screws, nuts, bearings, and expansion sleeves in the mechanical industry. Some of the basic components for textile machinery have the same name, but due to different objects, the specifications are not the same.