The Choice of the Motion Law of the Follower in Textile Machinery

Release date: 2018-04-23 14:33:58

select the follower''s movement law, must first meet the working requirements of the machine. Cam mechanism with constant speed, there is a rigid impact at the start of the follower and the maximum stroke, only applicable to low speed and light load occasions.
The cam mechanism, such as acceleration and equal deceleration, has a flexible impact at the start and the end of the follower. It is only suitable for medium and low speed applications, such as the forming cam of the vertical spindle type weft winder. The cam mechanism with simple harmonic motion still has a flexible impact at both ends, but it is less impactful than the regular acceleration and equal deceleration movement rules. Therefore, it can be used for a cam mechanism that rotates at a medium speed, such as the loom''s heald frame movement law. The disk uses more than simple harmonic motion laws.
In engineering practice, there are often many requirements for the motion and dynamic characteristics of the follower driven by the machine, and it is difficult to completely satisfy these requirements with only one common motion law.
In order to avoid impacts, the displacement, velocity, and acceleration of the two laws must be equal in the joints of the two motion curves, and the slope of the acceleration curve must also be equal, so that the two regular curves at the joint point are smooth and continuous.
The choice of the motion law of the follower should also allow the cam mechanism to have good dynamic characteristics and the designed cam to facilitate machining.