[Model] The weaving process is too cumbersome? A full set of programs to meet your various needs!

Release date: 2018-06-14 11:54:33

Founded in 1991, Wuxi Golden Sun New Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. is a domestic specialized electric (hydraulic) upper shaft, drop cloth transporter, warp (weaving) shaft storage, and warping machine specially developed for all kinds of shuttleless looms. One of the earliest manufacturers of ancillary equipment, such as knot-warming machines, cloth inspection machines, and automatic packaging machines.

Force loom matching equipment innovation
As we all know, the first problem that needs to be solved before weaving is the problem of threading through, which is divided into manual threading and full-automatic threading. Gold Sunspin has introduced relevant products for the characteristics of air-jet looms and has significantly shortened the wear time. It is understood that at present, the company has also introduced a fully automatic threading machine, which is being promoted. The equipment has high efficiency, which helps to reduce labor, improve work efficiency, and reduce land occupation. For the weaving industry cluster, the market has great potential demand. 

Wuxi Golden Sun New Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. General Manager Ding Feng

In addition, companies need to solve the problem of the upper shaft, falling cloth and even related transportation during the weaving process. Jinshen Sunspin has introduced automatic, semi-automatic and manual vertical and horizontal transport equipment according to the market demand, which can be applied to double-axis, single-axis, and three-axis weaving needs, and to a greater extent to ensure the safe production of enterprises. . “Some workshops and even one person can solve the work on the entire shaft.” Ding Feng said that in the post-weaving finishing process, Golden Sun can provide a multi-layered roll cloth rack, changing only part of the current factory roll cloth rack, accounting for only one layer. The state of the land is big. For the air-jet loom weaving mill, Golden Sun New Spinning Co., Ltd. can provide hydraulic lifting and weaving machine, and has a variety of forms of code cloth function.

Focusing on the equipment technology of the looms, Golden Sun New Spin, based on a careful study of the actual production conditions of the weaving companies, and focusing on the practical needs of users, innovated the equipment, including the systematic services launched by the company. Realized their own strong goals in the segmentation field.

Systematic Service Customer Transformation
In recent years, in response to the development needs of the market, Golden Sun New Textile has also actively launched a systematic solution for weaving companies to meet the full range of customer needs.
Talking about a systematic solution, Ding Feng said that the weaving machine from the weaving machine to the follow-up needs more and more complicated equipment. Golden Sun is trying to save time for customers and to fully equip the required equipment. Golden Sun New Spin will not only be a professional integrated equipment manufacturer, but also a strategic partner that can provide customized solutions for customers.
According to reports, 26 years, through professional products and services, Golden Sun New Spin has won the trust and support of the majority of customers, Wujiang Fuhua, Wujiang Xinfeng and other outstanding companies have become the new customers of Golden Sun spinning. Ding Feng said that Golden Sun''s business philosophy is sales and service. Focusing on looms support, we will realize the complementary advantages of resources through good services and save time for the masses of customers to complete the weaving project and truly provide the good products and services needed in the market. He believes that the value of the company is reflected in the value of the market and its overall competitiveness. Ding Feng said that based on the transformation and upgrading of the industry, Golden Sun New Textile aims to help users achieve better and faster development through better services and better products.