"Golden Sun New Textile"——Professional Provide Weaving Supporting Systematic Solutions

Release date: 2018-06-14 11:13:08

       Wuxi Golden Sun New Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in supporting the textile industry non-woven looms. The company was established in 1991 and is a national registered trademark. It is the only brand product in China that has won many national patent titles. . Now it is a member unit of China Textile Machinery Association, China Cotton Textile Industry Association, China Long Silk Weaving Association and Jiangsu Textile Machinery Equipment Industry Association.
        Now we provide weaving system solutions for textile mills to fully solve the problems associated with weaving mills'' preparation before weaving, weaving, and finishing after weaving.

Weaving preparation can be solved
Wear through: to provide manual wear and fully automatic wear, end of the knot and split the program.

Weaving can be solved
1. The upper and lower shafts and cloth and transport, and can provide three configurations of full electric, semi-electric, and manual according to the needs to meet the needs of different products.
2. Three-dimensional storage: According to the size of the customer''s site, the storage and turnover of different widths, different sizes, and different weights of warp beam, weaving shaft and cloth roll can be customized, and can be targeted at the upstairs and downstairs textile mills (ie, On the first floor, the loom is placed, and the second floor is used for laying down the sizing machine, etc.) to help solve the problems of the upper and lower axes, storage, and turnover.
3. Can provide loom accessories: weaving, warp beam, cloth roller.
4. The loom fabric machine winds large packages outside.

Weaving finishing can be resolved
1. Inspection plan for the inspection of the embryonic cloth and the finished product roll inspection.
2. The code cloth has changed the traditional model and can provide the market with advanced code cloth scheme with automatic correction function.
3. In packaging, the most advanced "Automated Fabric Testing and Packaging Project" on the market is introduced. By introducing the combination of fully automatic fabric packaging machine and roll inspection machine introduced from Korea''s technology production, weaving mills can greatly improve the inspection of fabrics. With packaging efficiency, save labor and achieve automation.

    In the past 26 years, “Golden Sun New Spinning”, as the leading player in the textile machinery supporting industry, has solved numerous problems and difficulties in weaving for more than 4,000 weaving factories in the world through its own professional products and services, and has truly won numerous customers. Trust and support! In 2017, we believe that we will do better. We hope that the weaving support system solutions we provide will serve our customers and friends at home and abroad.